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Our focus on results operates at many levels. Dyson Consulting Group manages projects for government, community and specialist organisations and insurance schemes in human services and lifetime care. Our consultants have expertise in the disability, community and public sectors, mental health, child & youth, housing, youth justice and no-fault insurance. We manage both long term 'cross-disciplinary' projects dealing with multiple agencies and short term, more technically focused projects.

Learnings from Recent Projects

To read about learnings from recent projects click here.


To find out more about our current and recent projects click here.

Enhancing Sector Capacity Initiative

Dyson Consulting is currently working with Working Groups and organisations that received funding through the Enhancing Sector Capacity Initiative.

Disability Act 2006 Impact Analysis Project

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has commenced the Disability Act 2006 Impact Analysis Project. The project will consider the requirements of the Act and the impact of its implementation on services for people with a disability. As part of this review, Dyson Consulting Group (DCG) has been asked by DHS to run a series of forums to seek people's views about the Act and its impact. The results of those forums can be viewed in the attachments below.

Disability Act 2006 Impact Analysis Project

As part of our work with DHS, a range of forums were held state-wide to discuss the impact of the changes to the Disability Act 2006 on people with disabilities, their families and carers, and on service providers. Click above to see feedback gathered during the forums.