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Each of our consultants has published in peer referred journals.  

Lifetime Insurance Publications

Dyson, M, and Canobi, S., 2011, A lon-term disability care and support scheme for Australia: opportunities for disability sector reform. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 5, p. 138-144. Find the reference here

If you would like more information about this article please contact Maree Dyson.

Disability Publications

Maree Dyson has acted as a referee on Australia’s Welfare on two occasions (2001 & 2005) and was an expert advisor on the Victorian State Disability Plan (2002-2012) and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s study on therapy and equipment services.

Dyson, M. (1999). How and when to write policies and procedures. Brisbane, ACROD. Find the reference here

Douglas, J., Dyson, M., et al. (2006). "Increasing leisure activity following severe traumatic brain injury: does it make a difference." Brain Impairment 7(2): 107-118. Find the article here

Dyke, P., Leonard, H., et al. (2007). Down syndrome: needs opinions wishes study report. Perth, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

Dyson, M., Allen, F., et al. (2000). "Profiling childhood disability: the reliability of the Educational Needs Questionnaire." Evaluation and Program Planning 23: 177-185. Find the article here

Dyson, M., Duckett, S. J., et al. (2000). "Development of a therapy relevant casemix classification system for school age children with disabilities." Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 15(5): 643-643. Find the article here

Psychology  and Mental Health Publications

Felicity Allen has published over 70 journal articles and book chapters and has recently had published the 2nd edition of Health Psychology and Behaviour in Australia (McGraw-Hill).  

Allen, F., (2009). Theoretical Model of EGM Problem Gambling: More than a Cognitive Escape. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 7, pp. 97-107 Find the reference here

Thomas, A.C., Allen, F. & Phillips, J. (2009). Electronic Gaming Machine Gambling: Measuring Motivation. Journal of Gambling Studies, 25, pp343-355 Find the reference here

Ethics and research publications

Morgans, A.E. & Allen, F., (2005). Getting ethics committee approval for research: a beginners’ Guide. eJournal of Emergency Primary Health Care Find the reference here

Allen, F., (2002). Where are the women in end of life research ? Behavior Change, 19, no. 1, pp. 39 – 51. Find the reference here 

Conference Papers

Presentation at national and international conferences is a regular part of our professional activities. Some of these presentations can be downloaded below.

Dr Maree Dyson recently presented a paper at the Actuaries Institute 2013 Injury Schemes Seminar, on her work with disability insurance and compensation schemes. 

In partnership with Liz Cairns ( then Manager, National Serious Injury Service (NSIS), Accident Compensation Corporation, New Zealand), Maree presented an international keyote address at the National Disability Summit 2011, on her work developing the NSIS - particularly managing costs and delivering outcomes.  

As an invited speaker Maree presented a paper at the National Disability & Carers Conference based on work in the disability sector and with the no-fault, serious injury insurers (TAC, Victoria, AC, New Zealand, MAIB, Tasmania and MAA, New South Wales).

Maree presented a keynote address on fully funded systems of disability support at the NDS Conference - Living in the West Building Integrity 2010, held in November 2010 in Perth.

Maree presented a paper at the 2010 Roundtable on Intellectual Disability Policy held by the School of Social Work and Social Policy & Institute for Social Participation, La Trobe University.

Discussion Papers

Dyson Consulting Group recently had the priviledge of working on a discussion paper on Lifetime Care for the Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance. They have kindly given permission for it to be posted on the DCG website. We hope you find it interesting reading.