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Contemporary Practice 

Information, Consultation, Participation. Existing and new programs, policies and services. Consultations from local to national scale

Dyson Consulting Group has consulted to government and various human services organsisations since the 1980s. From working with local support providers to reorienting state and national programs our consultants ensure that project processes and outcomesare consistent with contemporary  practice in disability and mental health. Our approach strengthens the use of contemporary practice at all levels of the program or organisation, from governance structures to the development of tools and resources for individuals, families and providers. We have particular expertise in suporting both government and community sector organisations to prepare for the National Disability insurance Scheme (NDIS) and to operate in an environment of individualised funding.

Recent projects have included extensive reviews and consultations with individuals, families and providers regarding individualised funding and housing and support, including:

  • for Department of Family and Community Services (ADHC) - NSW
    •  consultation regarding risk management in relation to individualised funding for people with disability
  • for Department of Human Services - Victoria
    • Housing and Support Strategy -reviewing contemporary housing and support models to inform the development of future options, including emerging support options (such as smart technology, home share, assistance dogs) as well as ways to share and pool support.
    • Enhancing Sector Capacity Initiative - management and project leadership of community sector organisations' projects to enhance thier capacity to operate under individualised funding models
    • Evaluation of Self Directed Approaches -  evaluation of the impact, experiences and outcomes of individual suport suport packages for people with disability and their families
  • for Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (South Australia)
    • Sector readiness for the NDIS and Individualised Funding - supporting community sector organisations to prepare for the NDIS and operate under an individualised funding model
  • for MIND - Victoria and South Australia
    • Consultations with individuals and families regarding the review of respite services for individuals and their families.